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The Hovercraft Pilot Training program developed by our hovercraft pilots, engineers and educators, is the most comprehensive hovercraft pilot training course available in Asia.

The Training Program

Our professionally designed Hovercraft Pilot Training / Maintenance Course provides classroom instruction with a comprehensive Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual as well as flight training on land and water. Half the course is devoted to hovercraft flight training; course participants not only observe the hovercraft in operation but gain thorough experience in hands-on piloting. Classroom curriculum explains how a hovercraft works, the fundamentals behind piloting a hovercraft, basic terminology and instruction in hovercraft maintenance.
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Fire up an AVION HOVERCRAFT and sail right over land, water and everything in between. Find out how these powerful vehicles hover up to 9 feet above almost any surface. From rugged off-road racing to daring ocean rescue missions, the action never stops ...
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Hovercraft Pilot Training Center

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